Pontiac Theatre IV is an independent community theatre group presenting live theatre to Pontiac and Oakland County since 1969. Theatre IV presents four or five shows per season including a musical, a straight show, a children’s show and a musical review.  The 2017-18 Season shows include the musical Pippin, The Cherry Orchard, 50 By IV our 50th Anniversary Review, and Seussical.  Watch the site and Facebook for more information!


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Auditions for Pippin Announced

By on July 31, 2017

Pontiac Theatre IV is please to announce auditions for our first production of the 2017-18 season, Pippin, the Tony nominee for Best Musical in 1973, and the winner for Best Revival of a Musical in 2013. The show has a book by Roger O. Hirson with music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz. Pippin is produced through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized materials are also supplied by MTI.

Michael Brody will direct the show, with Shari Fiore the music director and choreography by Michael Brody and Mark McCleese. The auditions will take place on August 20, 21 and 22 from 6:30 until 9:00 pm. The auditions will be held at the Michigan School for the Arts, 825 Golf Dr, Pontiac, MI. For more information call 248-681-6215 or email mkbrody@comcast.net. The show dates will be November 10, 11, 17, 18, 2017.

CASTING: Audition cuts are available at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_IHc-lzanUFazB5QVM2dVRjakk
Ages 16 and up (except for Theo). All types. All actors must be strong singers. Some must be strong dancers.
Leading Player—The ultimate ‘ring leader.’ Masterfully charming and manipulative, the Leading Player is a chameleon of sorts. Guides Pippin through his own story and tries to intervene at the end. excellent dancer. Obsessed with putting on a great show for the audience. Gender: Male or Female Age Range: Flexible—Vocal range top: Ab4—Vocal range bottom: Db3
Pippin—Our story’s young and confused protagonist. He is longing to find his purpose in life. Naive, innocent, and discontent. Eventually finds love, and meaning in life, with Catherine and Theo. Age Range: 18 to 29—Vocal range top: Ab4—Vocal range bottom: G2
Catherine—A widow and mother. She is a beautiful and a hopeless romantic, who possesses graceful elegance. Encounters Pippin at his lowest point and eventually falls in love with him. Age Range: 20 to 35—Vocal range top: Db5—Vocal range bottom: F#3
Charles—Pippin’s demanding father. As the King of the Holy Roman Empire, Charlemagne is more comfortable wielding a sword than breaking bread. He wears his years with great pride.
Age Range: 40+ – Vocal range top: E4—Vocal range bottom: G2
Berthe—Pippin’s saucy grandmother. A brassy broad full of wisdom, grace, and sass. She tries to help Pippin and encourages him to live his life to the fullest. Age Range: 50+ – Vocal range top: C5 – Vocal range bottom: E3
Fastrada—Pippin’s conniving stepmother. A seductress, who is no stranger to deceit and betrayal, she is both sexy and smart. Skilled at using her sexual appeal to benefit her and her son.
Age Range: 25+ – Vocal range top: F5—Vocal range bottom: A3
Lewis—Pippin’s stepbrother. Egotistic war lover. Loves himself.
Age Range: 18-35
Theo—Catherine’s son, Theo is a young boy who has grown up without a father. He grows attached to his Age Range:16+ —Vocal Range top: G5—Vocal Range bottom: E4
Heavily featured throughout. Ensemble “Players” play many roles. Strong voices are required. Some roles will require strong dancers.

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2017-18 Season

By on June 5, 2017

Pontiac Theatre IV is pleased to announce our 2017-18 Season. The shows will be Pippin with music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz and a book by Roger O. Hirson, directed by Michael Brody. Auditions will be held on August 20,

Our Next Production Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

By on April 1, 2017

Pontiac Theatre IV is pleased to announce our next youth show, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! All our old friends, plus a few new ones, are here in this marvelous musical adaptation. We’ll meet the captivating Princess Snow White,

Our Next Production 12 Angry Jurors

By on March 4, 2017

Pontiac Theatre IV is pleased to announce the cast for our next production 12 Angry Jurors. Directed by Mack Shaw, Produced by Maria Bermudez and Assistant Directed by Shayna Shaw 12 Angry Jurors is the American Theatre classic by Reginald

Mardi Gras 2017

By on February 2, 2017

THANKS TO ALL WHO ATTENDED!! Pontiac Theatre IV’s Mardi Gras party is back for round 2! Last year’s event was a smash, and we can’t wait to step it up for 2017. Anyone 21 and up is welcome with the