2020 Carl Tenuta Scholarship Application Dates Announced

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Pontiac Theatre IV is pleased to announce the schedule for Carl Tenuta Scholarship applications. This is the second annual Scholarship Theatre IV is presenting to a graduating High School senior. Applications Available – To Be announced for 2022 Graduates
  • Applications will be emailed to the Pontiac Theatre IV mail list
  • Applications will be available on the Pontiac Theatre IV website under the “Carl Tenuta Scholarship” tab
Applications are due by to be announced for 2022 Graduates
  • Applications can be mailed to:  Pontiac Theatre IV, 31035 Beachwalk Dr – Apt 808, Novi, MI  4837
  • Applications can be emailed to any or all of the following: jtonner481@aol.com, redskyatnight35@aol.com; mkbrody@comcast.net; or, schadeaj@yahoo.com
Auditions and Presentations will begin, by appointment:  To be Announces The Carl Tenuta Scholarship of $1500.00 will be awarded on: To be announced