2020 Carl Tenuta Scholarship Application Dates Announced

By on February 10, 2020

Pontiac Theatre IV is pleased to announce the schedule for Carl Tenuta Scholarship applications. This is the second annual Scholarship Theatre IV is presenting to a graduating High School senior.

Applications Available – To Be announced for 2022 Graduates

  • Applications will be emailed to the Pontiac Theatre IV mail list
  • Applications will be available on the Pontiac Theatre IV website under the “Carl Tenuta Scholarship” tab

Applications are due by to be announced for 2022 Graduates

  • Applications can be mailed to:  Pontiac Theatre IV, 31035 Beachwalk Dr – Apt 808, Novi, MI  4837
  • Applications can be emailed to any or all of the following: jtonner481@aol.com, redskyatnight35@aol.com; mkbrody@comcast.net; or, schadeaj@yahoo.com

Auditions and Presentations will begin, by appointment:  To be Announces

The Carl Tenuta Scholarship of $1500.00 will be awarded on: To be announced