In 2011, Theatre IV was presented with the honor of producing the US premiere of the Canadian musical Anne and Gilbert. We were also honored to have one of the authors, Jeff Hochhauser attend the production and do a question and answer following the show.

The 2010’s have also seen Theatre IV add to its selection of venues.  The joint production of Disney’s Jungle Book Kids and Broadway Through the 90’s were produced at Central United Methodist in Waterford.  Steel Magnolias saw Theatre IV begin a new relationship with Michigan School for the Arts in Pontiac.  While we will still be using the stage at Pontiac High School for our large cast musicals, all our 2015-16 productions, with the exception of the music review, will be at Michigan School for the Arts.

It has been a long and rewarding journey for the members, performers, friends, and audience members of Pontiac Theatre IV. The current board of directors hopes you enjoy this history of the group and thanks you for participating in Pontiac’s Community Theatre, Pontiac Theatre IV.