Pontiac Theatre IV Announces the Cast for Anne of Avonlea

By on September 5, 2019

Pontiac Theatre IV is pleased to announce the cast for its upcoming family show, Anne of Avonlea from the novel by L. M. Montgomery written by Joseph Robinette,” directed by John Tonner with Assistant Director Sean Harbert and Stage Manager Daina Schippers.

Anne of Avonlea is the first sequel to the classic Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery. Told in the form of a memory play, this tells Anne’s story from Matthew’s death until she applies to attend University after two years of teaching. As a memory play, the story is told in short scenes and with Anne as both a participant and narrator.

Performance Dates:
Jan 31 (8:00 pm) Feb 1 (8:00 pm), 2 (4:00 pm Matinee) , 7 (8:00 pm), 8 (8:00 pm), 9 (4:00 pm Matinee) 2020 @ All Saints Episcopal Church, 171 West Pike, St., Pontiac, MI

The Cast for Anne of Avonlea Includes:

Anne Shirley – Bella Spry
Young Anne – Arabella Glass
Marilla Cuthbert – Samantha Samuels
Matthew Cuthbert – Don DeLaire
Rachel Lynde – Karen Brody
Diana Barry – Kaylie Robinson
Gilbert Blythe – Isaac Harless
Fred Wright – Lucas Harless
Moody Spurgeon MacPhearson – Trevin Spadafore
Charlie Sloane – Aidian Gibson
Mr. Harrison – Steve Watkins
Jane Andrews – Claire Ferrell
Ruby Gillis – Lily Talas
Tillie Boulter – Reily McDevitt
Flora Jane Spencer – Tessa Spadafore
Gerie Pye – Evelyn Passejna
Davy Keith – Gavin Spadafore
Dora Keith – Giana Spadafore
Paul Irving – Zach Glass
Charlotta the Fourth – Evelyn Lamb
Miss Lavendar – Erica Suszek
Steven Irving – Sean Harbert
Anthony Pye – Sloan Lamb
Anthony Pye – Frank Talas
St. Clair Donnell – Rylee Zimmer
Annetta Bell – Amelia Mitchell
Aurelia Clay – Honor Hutchinson
Prilly Rogerson – Peyton McDevitt
Joseph Sloan – Arabella Glass
Mirabelle Cotton – Megan Schubra
Clarice Almira Donnell – Evelyn Lamb
Barbara Shaw – Harper Howard
Mrs. Thomas – Janet Jimenez
Mrs. Hammond – Erica Suszek
Orphanage Administrator – Jackie Salter
Mrs. Spencer – Daria Noor
Mr. Shearer – Charles Spadafore
Mrs. Donnell – Daria Noor
Eliza Andrews – Erica Suszek
Catherine Andrews – Jackie Salter
Daniel Blair – Sean Harbert
Uncle Abe – Charles Spadafore
Emily – Janet Jimenez

For more information email jtonner481@aol.com or call 248-467-9061

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